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The Living Room: Live Comfortable. Live Clean.

Mike Darne - August 1, 2018 - 0 comments


Let’s be honest. Everyone loves a clean home. Nobody really loves to do the cleaning.


When we gather to dine we gather in the kitchen. When we gather to be comfortable and relax, we gather in the living room. For most of us, the living room is really a multipurpose room. It’s the space that is our children’s playroom, the home theater,  and your book club meeting spot. With so many possible uses, you’ll want some quick and and easy ways to keep your living room comfortable and clean!


With a vacuum, hydrogen peroxide, vinegar, water, and a microfiber cloth by your side, you can host just about any kind of event . . .  and be prepared for all kinds of spills or accidents. Whether it’s popcorn on the floor from movie night, red wine on the floor from girls night, or greasy handprints on the glass coffee table from your toddlers, these tools can take on it all.


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Mike Darne
Chief Marketing Officer at UpsideDoor

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