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When is the best time to list your home?

Mike Darne - August 21, 2017 - 0 comments

Is there a perfect time to list your home? This is a question we get all the time from prospective home sellers.  Unfortunately, the “best time to list” is really dependent on a number of factors and ultimately depends on your life circumstances.  Life rarely pauses to meet your needs, but it may be helpful to better understand the peaks and valleys of your specific market.  The graphic below shows what we saw in the NOVA market in 2016.  


Days on Market

For homes that sold in a given month, this shows the average number of days that home was on the market (Listing date – Contract Date).  So homes sold in August 2016 were on the market for an average of 48 days.  Compare that to homes sold in February – 80 days.  It’s important to note that these are averages and include all types of homes in NOVA.  Your specific home type, neighborhood, market conditions will influence the number of days it will take to sell your home.  


Total Units Sold

This is the number of homes that sold within a given month.  As with the other statistics here, this is a blended number that includes all home types in NOVA.  What’s important to note is that home sales peak in the summer months as people generally have more flexibility (specifically families with children).  That said, certain types of properties have a more steady demand curve.  


New Listings

When do most people list their home for sale?  The peak here is obviously in March and April.  That said, there is a bump in listings after the summer in September as people look to sell their home / settle into a new home before the holidays.  


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